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I never tan naked, I always use lotion

I never tan naked, I always use lotion


Do you ever use a sunbed? Great, a moment to relax while working on your tan! Did you know it’s very important to use the right products when using a sunbed? It is recommended to use a lotion with a protection factor in the outdoor sun. However, you don’t apply a protection factor in the indoor sun. Due to the short amount of time that you are using a sunbed, you need products that take care of your skin, hydrate and accelerate your tan.

Tanning without a tanning lotion will cause you to lose 30 to 40% of UV radiation. But thats not all. Without the right lotion, your tanning proces starts after about 8 minutes, whilst while using the right tanning lotion your tanning proces starts after just 3 minutes! Not only will you tan faster and deeper, your skin will be optimally hydrated and your tan will last longer.

Our ultimate favorite products when enjoying the indoor sun are the products of Devoted Creations. All products from Devoted Creations contain tanning accelerators. These stimulate pigment production. Almost all products are based on Aloe Vera and are not tested on animals! Curious about the complete product line? Check it out here!